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Find the current and back copies of the Buzz here. We are adding more back issues as time allows along with a search facility.


New webcams springing up …

Some new Charlottetown Webcams … set up using iPhones and some custom app software … hopefully a bunch more coming soon 🙂

BUZZon 1.4

Coming soon the new 1.4 build. Includes new “Quickload option” which only downloads 7 days of events rather than the 1 month / 600 item limit in the current build ( though this won’t be enabled by default ). The article loading and parsing is also now deferred until you click on the “Articles” tab.

Full support for iPhone 4, including retina display and automatic updates when minimized.

Map screen now allow you to view in full screen when you rotate you device.

New websites added

Working the DB around to camping, so now have WhereToCampUSA, WhereToCampCanada, WhereToCampAustralia and WhereToCampNewZealand.

Sorry about that, but enjoy the new map icons and the correct article display …

Freak Circus – Post Mortem

The early Springheadmedia video for the might Freak Circus. Generated in Flash, 3DS Max on a Compaq P4 laptop over 7 ( eeek ) years ago ….

Ok, so we have a small non-fatal bug in the 1.2 code which causes certain article content to appear twice. I own up, it was my fault. It was a long day, coffee was low and it was hot ( so very very hot ) and it was also my fault for testing on long articles rather than short 1 paragraph ones.

Anyway, there is a 1.3 build with the fix coming. As a bonus, and so your hard earned downloading time is not totally wasted, I’ve also updated the map screen with more detailed icons ( screen shots to follow ), some tidy up of buttons and colors and it’s also tested on OS4.1 ( which I’m not allowed to talk about … thanks Apple ).

BUZZon September

BUZZon September

NeonTrail screenshots

Ahh, I have a soft spot for this game … all about the math and contains lots of PI ( hmmmm, PI ). Again, source code lost ( damn backups ) …

This was the 4 hour application. Started as an openGL spike that was ok enough for the store based on some of the NeonBall code ( ahh, the Neon phase of my career ). Unfortunately will probably die soon as the source code was lost thanks to the cleaners sticky fingers and unlocked Mac.